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Philips Healthcare (LifeWatch)

LifeWatch, AG, headquartered in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, is one of the world’s largest Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring Service companies. It operates subsidiaries in the United States, Switzerland, and Israel. The company is publicly traded on the Swiss stock exchange – SIX (LIFE) and on the NASDAQ (LFWWF).

LifeWatch has established itself as a highly successful player, offering 24/7/365 Holter Monitoring, Event Monitoring, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry services to cardiology clinics across the nation. It has expanded its services into other forms of ambulatory patient monitoring, including sleep apnea, and has grown into a prominent figure in the Cardiac Monitoring space, ranking second in the U.S. after CardioNet.

Competitive Advantage in Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

LifeWatch is recognized as the true global leader in providing cardiac monitoring technologies and services. It leads in the development of real-time ECG solutions both in the U.S. and across the globe. Expanding its Mobile Cardiac Telemetry solutions to countries with a rising demand for cost-effective remote ECG monitoring services, LifeWatch continues to demonstrate its leadership on a worldwide scale.

In the U.S., LifeWatch stands out for its abundant resources. While other service companies for Mobile Cardiac Telemetry carefully manage their MCT device inventory, LifeWatch takes a different approach by delivering monitors directly to medical facilities without imposing an aggressive ‘hands-on’ approach, ensuring optimal utilization of available MCT monitors.

LifeWatch ACT Device Technology

LifeWatch was among the pioneers in offering Mobile Cardiac Telemetry monitoring in the U.S. The company’s device is known as Ambulatory Cardiac Telemetry (ACT), designed for the detection, transmission, and analysis of real-time ECG information. LifeWatch’s ACT product provides clinicians with a reliable and accurate solution, granting them easy access to their daily ACT reports via the internet.

For more information, click here: LifeWatch LifeStar ACT Device.


LifeWatch Services holds Joint Commission Accreditation for Ambulatory Healthcare Services. This accreditation reflects the company’s commitment to undergoing a comprehensive evaluation by the Joint Commission voluntarily. Upon approval, LifeWatch was granted the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™, a prestigious symbol in the healthcare industry.

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