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SpaceLabs Healthcare

Spacelabs Healthcare holds a distinctive position in the history of Holter Monitoring, having acquired Del Mar Avionics, the original inventors of the Holter Monitor. Despite changing hands and ownership multiple times over the past five decades, this acquisition has positioned Spacelabs competitively in the Holter Monitoring market segment. Today, Spacelabs remains a prominent player in ambulatory cardiac monitoring, with its headquarters located in Snoqualmie, Washington.

Competitive Advantage in Holter Monitoring

Spacelabs boasts an extensive lineage in Holter Monitoring, thanks to the acquisition of the foundation established by Normal Holter. The company offers a diverse range of reliable Holter Monitoring instruments and analysis options, with versatile capabilities in function and ECG analysis. On certain occasions, Spacelabs leverages the Del Mar brand to provide swift and accurate Holter ECG analysis, seamlessly integrating with various information technology platforms.

Staying true to the evolutionary nature of Holter Monitoring, Spacelabs provides multiple models of Holter Monitor devices tailored to different practice environments. Drawing from decades of experience, the company offers devices suitable for academic and research settings, as well as busy private practices.

Spacelabs offers a variety of recording devices, ranging from 24-hour to 7-day recording capabilities. These devices are flexible enough to capture high-frequency pacemaker activity and generate quick and accurate reports through the Spacelabs Holter Analysis software. Moreover, one of Spacelabs’ Holter Monitors includes an ambulatory 12-Lead function specifically designed for detecting and analyzing complex arrhythmias. This function can be easily accommodated by changing leads and utilizing the 12-lead analysis software. For more information, please visit the Spacelabs Holter Monitors webpage.

Accreditations and Safety

All of Spacelabs’ Holter Monitoring equipment holds FDA market approvals and bears the CE Mark, demonstrating compliance with regulatory standards.

Legal and Safety Notice

Spacelabs Healthcare maintains a solid reputation for manufacturing quality and reliable devices. Currently, there are no public notices or legal disputes associated with Spacelabs Holter Monitoring products.

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