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ScottCare Cardiovascular Solutions

ScottCare Corporation, a diversified medical company, offers diagnostic cardiac monitoring devices, software, and monitoring labor services to hospitals, cardiology clinics, and cardiac rehabilitation clinics worldwide. Since its establishment in 1989, ScottCare has been a pioneer in the field, introducing its first telemetry system for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, which laid the foundation for further advancements in cardiac rehab, diagnostic cardiology, electronic data integration, and cardiac monitoring services. To expand its product portfolio, ScottCare acquired Rozinn Electronics, Inc., a Holter monitoring equipment company based in Glendale, NY, thereby enhancing its line of ambulatory cardiac monitoring products with proprietary software, data integration, and clinical support solutions for cardiovascular disease diagnosis.

It is important to note that ScottCare operates as a division of Scott Fetzer, a Berkshire-Hathaway company. 

Scott Fetzer is renowned for its wide range of products, including encyclopedias, vacuums, and cleaning products, encompassing more than 20 individual businesses.

Competitive Advantage in Holter Monitoring

Regarding Holter monitoring, ScottCare differentiates itself by offering a comprehensive solution that integrates various ambulatory cardiac monitoring modalities. They provide a multi-function cardiovascular suite that seamlessly integrates devices, software analysis, and information technology for their cardiac monitoring customers. ScottCare boasts several technological milestones, including the development of the first large color OLED display, audible and visual patient lead disconnection notifications, medication reminders, adjustable pacer detection, and a Holter Monitor capable of recording up to 21 days of continuous, 3-channel ECG data. 

They have also introduced the industry’s first WiFi-based remote cardiac rhythm monitor. The ScottCare Holter recorder is named the Chroma™ Holter Recorder, while the patient-friendly novi™ patch Holter recorder, introduced in 2014, attaches to the patient with one adhesive patch, providing up to 72 hours of continuous ECG recording.

ScottCare’s Holter monitoring analysis software, known as HolterCare™, offers advanced features such as comprehensive arrhythmic and ischemic episode analysis, multi-level template editing, interactive trend editing, superimposition, and page mode review.


For international distribution, ScottCare’s devices hold FDA market approvals and carry the CE™ mark, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Legal & Safety Notice

As of now, there are no public notices or legal concerns associated with ScottCare Corporation’s Holter Monitoring products or manufacturing practices, affirming their commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

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