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Spacelabs Holter Monitors

Spacelabs Healthcare has a rich history in the field of Holter Monitoring, having collaborated with Del Mar – the original pioneers of Holter technology four decades ago. Today, Spacelabs continues to offer a range of Holter Monitoring devices, accompanied by a fast and reliable Holter Analysis platform that is trusted by cardiovascular specialists worldwide.

Here is an overview of Spacelabs’ Holter Monitor product line:

  1. Lifecard CF Holter Monitor: The Lifecard CF digital Holter recorder by Spacelabs provides exceptional ECG quality, stemming from the expertise of Del Mar/Reynolds, the founders of Holter Monitoring.
  2. EVO Holter Monitor: The EVO digital recorder represents the latest advancements in Holter technology, boasting improved patient comfort and ease of use. This compact device weighs a mere 2½ oz and can be discreetly concealed under clothing, potentially enhancing patient compliance.

In addition to the hardware, Spacelabs offers the Pathfinder SL software for Holter Analysis. Leveraging nearly 50 years of experience in Holter analysis, this platform provides a wide range of features and capabilities for accurate ECG analysis. The Spacelabs Pathfinder SL algorithm efficiently analyzes hundreds of thousands of beats and offers advanced analysis features such as ST and QT analysis, as well as Heart Rate Variability analysis. With the Spacelabs Pathfinder SL, continuous ECG Holter recording spanning up to 7 days can be analyzed.

During competitive situations, Spacelabs relies on its clinical analysis, as its algorithm offers exceptional flexibility through morphology matching technology, artifact recognition, adjustable trigger settings, prospective and real-time analysis, and beat/trend learning capabilities. This combination of features enables the generation of accurate results, even in complex cases.

Moreover, the Spacelabs Pathfinder SL seamlessly integrates with most Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Hospital Information (HIS) systems available in the market.

To learn more about Holter Monitor options, you can download the Free Holter Monitor Comparison provided by Spacelabs.

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