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Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn, previously a privately-held, family-owned manufacturer of Holter Monitoring devices and solutions, was acquired by Baxter – Hillrom and now operates under their umbrella. The company continues to collaborate with long-time Holter monitoring company Mortara Instruments.

Throughout its history, Welch Allyn has remained committed to developing products that enhance lives and simplify the assessment and diagnosis process for medical professionals. They achieve this by employing innovative Holter Monitoring technologies, enabling frontline practitioners to work more effectively and efficiently with their patients at the point of care.

Welch Allyn’s suite of Holter Systems offers user-friendly software and recorders that promote patient compliance due to their lightweight and compact design. The systems can be customized using Welch Allyn Office Holter software or Welch Allyn Expert Holter software, and they feature a compact digital recorder capable of 2- or 3-channel recording for detailed evaluations. Both systems deliver fast and accurate data, streamlining workflows and ensuring compatibility with electronic health record systems (EHRs) to enhance overall practice efficiency.

Competitive Advantage in Holter Monitoring

Welch Allyn stands out by providing a cost-effective and reliable Holter Monitoring solution that seamlessly integrates with electronic medical record (EMR) and hospital information systems (HIS) networks, thanks to their well-established Welch Allyn Holter Monitors product line.

With the inclusion of Mortara Holter monitors following the acquisition by Baxter HillRom, Welch Allyn expands its Holter monitoring solutions and benefits from its reputation for exceptional distribution capabilities, offering a wide range of diverse products.

Welch Allyn Holter Analysis Software

To complement their line of Holter Monitor recording devices, Welch Allyn offers an affordable Holter Monitoring Analysis software platform. The Welch Allyn Holter Analysis software boasts several features, including:

  • Integration with all Welch Allyn HR-100 and HR-300 Holter Monitor recorders
  • Multiple review modes for studying results:
    • Arrhythmia review mode
    • Heart Rate review mode
    • Beat by beat mode
    • Full Disclosure review mode
  • Ability to individually or globally relabel beats
  • Manual categorization and re-categorization of each ECG strip
  • Manual categorization and re-categorization of artifact
  • Control over analysis speed in full-disclosure review
  • Adjustable resolution in Full Disclosure mode
  • Auto-paging function
  • Floating report interpretation window
  • Option to eliminate entire channel
  • Adjustable administrative permissions


All Welch Allyn Holter Monitoring products hold advanced regulatory approvals, including FDA market clearance, in addition to the following certifications:

  • International Electro-Technical Commission CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1-M90 UL 60601-1
  • IEC 60601-1-4
  • IEC 60601-1-1
  • IEC 60601-1-2
  • IEC 60601-2-47
  • American Advancement of Medical Instrumentation – ANSI/AAMI EC38-199

Legal & Safety Notice

While Welch Allyn faced lawsuits related to their AIED devices in the past, there have been no public notices or litigation associated with their Holter Monitoring products.

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