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Scottcare Chroma Holter Monitor

ScottCare expanded its presence in the Holter Monitoring industry through the acquisition of Rozzin Electronics. The company introduced the Scottcare Chroma Holter Monitor, which boasts several enhancements in Holter Technology, including improved recording capabilities and integration with patient management systems. Notably, ScottCare promotes the Chroma™ Holter Monitor as the pioneering device in the industry, introducing a range of innovative features for Holter Monitoring.

These features include:

  • Enhanced ECG baseline correction for cleaner data.
  • Rapid ECG downloads in under 15 seconds, with automated analysis completed within 60 seconds.
  • Simplified recording process with a color-coded diary, eliminating the need for manual transcriptions.
  • User-friendly bright color OLED display for easy operation.
  • Visual ECG display for signal quality confirmation.

ScottCare offers the HolterCare Software, which provides numerous valuable features to facilitate accurate diagnostic analysis of recorded Holter Monitoring data. The software’s automated analysis swiftly processes 24-hour patient studies within 60 seconds. It incorporates a multi-level template, interactive trend and morphology editing, as well as superimposition and individual page mode review. HolterCare Software can be obtained as either a standalone application or as part of a network system.

Furthermore, the Chroma™ Holter Recorder seamlessly integrates into ScottCare’s comprehensive diagnostic and management solution known as CardioView Dx™.

Feel free to download the Holter Monitor Comparison for further information.

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