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GE Holter Monitors and Holter Software

GE holds a prominent position across various industries, and GE Healthcare is no exception. Since its acquisition of Marquette in 1998, GE has made significant advancements in Holter Technology.

As the largest and most successful company globally, GE offers flexible, reliable, and clinically versatile Holter Monitoring products. One notable achievement is their advanced playback (analysis) software, which simplifies the report generation process for technicians at any skill level.

GE Holter Monitors:

  • GE SEER Light Holter Monitor: 
  • This compact and lightweight device seamlessly integrates with the MARS analysis system.
  • GE CardioMem CM 4000 Holter Monitor: 
  • The new GE Holter Monitor is an advanced device that provides expanded monitoring capabilities, including thoracic impedance.

Additionally, GE offers the MARS® ECG Holter Analysis Software under their healthcare division. The MARS VSL system incorporates sophisticated and accurate GE Marquette algorithms. Noteworthy features of this software include:

  • ‘EK-Pro,’ a proprietary ECG arrhythmia analysis
  • ST segment measurement
  • Atrial Fibrillation analysis
  • Heart Rate variability assessment
  • QT Analysis
  • Pacemaker detection and analysis
  • Optional 12 Lead analysis program
  • T-wave Alternan analysis capabilities
  • Optional sleep apnea diagnostic capabilities

For those interested, a Holter Monitor comparison can be downloaded free of charge.

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