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Preventice Solutions: A Leading Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Provider

Preventice has emerged as a prominent player in the mobile cardiac telemetry space following its acquisition of eCardio. Based in Houston, Texas, Preventice offers a range of ambulatory cardiac monitoring modalities, including mobile cardiac telemetry, Holter monitoring, and cardiac event monitoring. The company is known for delivering high-quality monitoring services that are technologically flexible.

Competitive Advantage in Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Building on eCardio’s legacy, Preventice Solutions distinguishes itself by offering unique integration technologies for its customers with various electronic medical records (EMR) or Hospital Information Systems (HIS). This advantage sets Preventice apart from other leading mobile cardiac telemetry companies like LifeWatch or BioTelemetry. By providing an HL-7 interface with numerous features to reduce field entry and expedite enrollment processes, Preventice minimizes redundant data entries and accelerates patient enrollment. The seamless interface allows MCT reports to be conveniently sent to the patient’s electronic medical record chart. Moreover, Preventice’s flexible architecture for patient study integration can be easily customized to meet the needs of each medical facility.

Beyond flexible integration technologies, Preventice has gained a competitive edge in mobile cardiac telemetry through a recent investment from Boston Scientific, a leading US provider of implantable cardiac devices with a strong customer base and infrastructure. This strategic partnership not only fuels growth but also grants access to Boston Scientific’s field sales and clinical application teams, significantly enhancing distribution efforts.

MCT Monitor Technology

Preventice Solutions has introduced a new version of its Mobile Cardiac Telemetry monitor called the Verite. What sets the Verite apart from many other MCT monitors in the industry is its integrated design, comprising only one component. This innovation eliminates the burden on patients to keep track of two modules, enhancing patient compliance, as many patients may struggle to charge batteries and manage a two-module MCT monitor.


Preventice Solutions holds Medicare-approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) status in Houston, Texas.

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