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Welch Allyn Holter Monitors

For decades, Welch Allyn has been offering Holter Monitoring products renowned for their reliability and affordability.

The Welch Allyn Holter Monitors:

Welch Allyn HR 100: 

An economical 2-3 Channel Holter Monitor.

Welch Allyn HR 300: 

A dependable 3-channel Holter Monitor device.

Both recorders are straightforward to use. The HR 300 model, being more advanced, features a digital display and higher sampling rates (500-1000 samples per second) for pacemaker detection.

Following HillRom’s acquisition of Mortara, Welch Allyn now also provides:

Mortara Holter monitors:

  • Mortara H3+™ Holter Monitor: 
  • Widely recognized in the Holter Monitoring industry, it arguably boasts the smallest Holter Monitor available.
  • Mortara H12+™ Holter Monitor: 
  • This device is equipped with 12-Lead capability and is particularly useful for monitoring complex arrhythmias.
  • Burdick / Mortara 4250 Holter Monitor: 
  • Regarded as one of the most reliable Holter Monitoring Devices ever distributed in the marketplace.

Additionally, Welch Allyn offers their own Holter Analysis Software, which is cost-effective and integrates seamlessly with their line of Holter Monitor recording devices. The software encompasses the following features:

  • Integration with all Welch Allyn HR-100 and HR-300 Holter Monitor recorders.
  • Multiple review modes for studying results:
    • Arrhythmia review mode
    • Heart Rate review mode
    • Beat by beat mode
    • Full Disclosure review mode
  • Ability to relabel beats individually or globally.
  • Manual categorization and re-categorization of each ECG strip.
  • Manual categorization and re-categorization of artifacts.
  • Control over analysis speed in full-disclosure review.
  • Adjustable resolution in Full disclosure mode.
  • Auto-paging function.
  • Floating report interpretation window.
  • Option to eliminate entire channels.
  • Adjustable administrative permissions.

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