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Bio Telemetry

BioTelemetry, a Philips company, is at the forefront of cardiac event monitoring with a focus on remote diagnostics and monitoring. Their approach integrates advanced technology and AI-based data analytics to revolutionize cardiac care. Key aspects of their approach include:

  1. MCOT (Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry): This system is designed for superior detection of arrhythmias, delivering near-real-time monitoring with urgent and emergent notifications. MCOT uses the SmartDetectAI algorithm for rapid, high-quality, and actionable cardiac data, enabling quick and confident diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias. This system has been proven highly effective, particularly in the detection of atrial fibrillation, and offers up to 30 days of continuous monitoring and data storage.
  2. Remote Monitoring Services and Clinical Research Capabilities: BioTelemetry’s portfolio offers the widest range of remote cardiac monitors, integrating a unique cardiac data platform and AI-based analytics. This facilitates comprehensive chronic disease management and supports various clinical trial services. Their products include mobile cardiac monitoring systems, such as the MCOT, which can be used as an ultralight wearable patch or with traditional lead wires.
  3. Integration with Philips’ Healthcare Solutions: Since being acquired by Philips, BioTelemetry has expanded its reach and capabilities, now playing a key role in Philips’ end-to-end cardiac care pathways. This integration provides comprehensive solutions across care pathways, connecting home to hospital and vice versa.
  4. Wide Range of Applications: BioTelemetry’s solutions are applied in various healthcare scenarios, from remote patient monitoring for chronic disease management to comprehensive suite services for supporting traditional, hybrid, and decentralized clinical trials.
  5. Global Reach and Industry Impact: BioTelemetry has a significant global presence, with expertise across different phases of clinical trials and partnerships with large pharmaceutical organizations, specialty pharmaceutical firms, and medical device manufacturers. Their advanced technology has set a new standard in cardiac care, offering higher detection rates and faster turnaround times than traditional methods.

BioTelemetry’s approach to cardiac event monitoring represents a significant advancement in the field, combining state-of-the-art technology with a patient-centric focus to enhance cardiac care quality and accessibility.

For more detailed information about BioTelemetry and their approach to cardiac event monitoring, you can visit their official website and Philips’ page about BioTelemetry.

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