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Hemodynamics Company

Hemodynamics Company is a recent entrant into the long-term continuous ECG monitoring market segment in the United States. The company consists of experienced professionals who have come together from reputable cardiac monitoring companies in the industry.

Hemodynamics claims to have dedicated considerable time and resources to provide top-quality wearable AECG technologies and comprehensive reporting solutions.

Hemodynamics aims to compete with other established wearable AECG monitoring companies by offering flexible technology that excels in ECG trace quality, reporting analysis, and turnaround time. The company offers medical facilities their high-quality EZecg Patch at no cost while allowing customers to bill for various reimbursement codes. Hemodynamics takes pride in the signal quality of their sensors, which improves ECG tracings and reduces artifact. The EZecg Patch and the ReelCardio V-Patch improve the overall monitoring process, providing superior results.

Introducing the ReelCardio V-Patch, Hemodynamics presents the industry’s latest real-time wearable continuous AECG device that automatically detects and notifies significant events. This technology streamlines AECG monitoring, allowing physicians to review data while integrating emerging markers and arrhythmia detection that clinicians expect.

Hemodynamics also distinguishes itself in the long-term space by offering flexible billing and reimbursement structures, enabling medical facilities to bill globally with their turnkey solution. This turnkey solution has proven to be an excellent investment for busy medical facilities seeking to generate their own long-term Holter reports. It empowers medical facilities with greater control over ECG data and maximizes revenue generated from each monitoring study.

The wearable AECG monitoring technologies from Hemodynamics have demonstrated significant improvements in patient compliance, increased practice revenue, and streamlined processes for staff members in medical facilities throughout the United States.

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