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GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is the world’s largest medical company. In 1998, GE ventured into the Holter Monitoring market by acquiring Marquette Medical Systems, a leading provider of ECG monitoring products with a long-standing reputation.

Competitive Advantage in Holter Monitoring

GE has an extensive presence in various medical technologies, and it is renowned for its commitment to quality. The significant advantage of GE lies in its size and resources, making it particularly valuable for large-scale medical facilities that require seamless integration of multiple technologies. GE offers a technologically advanced platform, the Hospital Information System, which effectively manages medical information across all areas of medicine.

Holter Monitoring Technology

The MARS® Ambulatory ECG Holter Monitoring System by GE is an advanced solution equipped with flexible analysis capabilities. Specifically designed for hospitals and cardiovascular clinics of substantial scale, GE’s PC-based Holter Monitoring platform, including the MARS® ECG Holter System, seamlessly integrates with their information technology networks. This integration has given GE a distinct advantage over its competitors, as many large-scale medical facilities rely on GE Healthcare products.

The MARS® Ambulatory ECG system is an automated solution capable of conducting advanced arrhythmia analysis using the GE Marquette® algorithm. Through this algorithm, most ectopic beats are automatically classified, and T-wave alternans and QT analysis are measured. The MARS® system also provides full-disclosure for comprehensive verification of their ECG analysis.


As the most influential medical company worldwide, GE holds all necessary accreditations for safety, manufacturing, and regulatory compliance in today’s healthcare environments.

Legal & Safety Notice

GE Healthcare maintains a strong reputation for adhering to stringent manufacturing and regulatory practices, including their Holter Monitoring products. Being the largest company on earth, GE Healthcare upholds the highest standards of safety that one would expect.

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