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ACS Diagnostics

ACS Diagnostics (ACSD) is a leading company in the field of ambulatory cardiac monitoring in the United States. Founded in 1981 as a manufacturer of Holter monitoring recorders, ACS quickly expanded its offerings to include a complete Holter Monitoring System, establishing a strong presence in the competitive Holter Monitoring marketplace.

Over the past three decades, ACS has demonstrated its competitiveness as a Holter monitoring company. Particularly in the private office Holter Monitoring segment, ACS claims to have a significant market share. Building on its expertise in Holter Monitoring, ACS has now diversified into other forms of ambulatory cardiac monitoring, introducing Cardiac Event Monitoring with a new dual-function recording device.

Competitive Advantage in Holter Monitoring
ACS is renowned among industry competitors for its loyal customer base. In an era when many companies outsource product development and production overseas, ACS emphasizes the “made in the USA” aspect of all its products and services. The company takes great pride in delivering high-quality products and fulfilling its promises and commitments to customers.

ACS highlights its competitive advantage in Holter monitoring by offering Cardiology-grade equipment at highly competitive prices. With a strong emphasis on quality, ACS provides a unique Ultra High-Resolution ECG Waveform (trademark), enabling the detection of true high-resolution ECG signals that low-resolution Holter monitors may miss. Additionally, ACS claims to be one of the few companies capable of capturing pacemaker artifact waveforms in their true form, as opposed to low-resolution waveforms that rely on algorithms to estimate the waveform.

Holter Monitor Technology

ACS is recognized for supplying high-quality and reliable instrumentation supported by excellent customer service in the Cardiac Monitoring field. The company has recently introduced a “revolutionary” cardiac monitoring device called the Performer Plus™, which can perform three billable cardiac tests. The Performer Plus monitor offers 24-48 hours Holter studies, long-term continuous Holter studies, and symptomatic cardiac event monitoring.

Compared to the competition, the ACS Performer Plus monitor boasts several advantages. Along with its multifunction features, the device offers exceptional battery life, operating at low energy and capable of recording for up to 30 days on a single charge. Moreover, the ACS device supports multiple transmission methods, including iPhone, iPad, cell phone applications, internet, and trans-telephonic communication.

ACS emphasizes that its products not only provide reliable tools for cardiologists but also offer greater revenue potential to physicians compared to the traditional “service model” employed by most service companies.


ACS holds the designation of an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS). The company is also recognized as a “Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.”

Legal & Safety Notice

ACS has maintained an impeccable record in its manufacturing processes, avoiding any public legal disputes or notices associated with its products or manufacturing operations.

For further information, please visit the ACS Diagnostics website.

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