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Midmark is a diverse medical company that offers a wide range of medical products, including exam tables and Holter Monitoring systems. Midmark has experienced rapid growth in the Holter Monitoring segment by implementing an effective strategy to enter the cardiology and hospital markets through seamless integration with Electronic Medical Records systems. Their Holter Monitoring products are reliable and flexible, catering to both general practitioners and cardiology specialists.

Competitive Advantage in Holter Monitoring

Midmark is renowned for the reliability and technical integration of its product line. During the rise of Electronic Medical Records in today’s medical practices, Midmark surpassed many traditional Holter Monitoring companies. The consensus among professionals is that Midmark products provide robust engineering, durability, and reliability. If you are in search of an affordable Holter Monitoring product with straightforward functionality, Midmark can be a suitable choice.

Holter Device Technology

The Midmark IQholter® system comprises a compact digital recorder along with various software options. Midmark offers three distinct Holter solutions tailored to different healthcare environments, ranging from general practices to cardiology specialists. The Midmark IQHolter® Holter Monitor is a lightweight and compact device with numerous practical features compared to other options in the market. It features an on-screen LCD display for lead verification, provides three channels of ECG information using removable memory, and includes ECG analysis capabilities such as Atrial Fibrillation detection, QT interval analysis, pacemaker analysis, and Heart Rate Variability analysis. Additionally, the Midmark software offers user-friendly editing functions to generate accurate results efficiently.

For more information, visit the Mortara IQHolter® Holter Monitor & Software webpage.


As a prominent medical company, Midmark holds various accreditations, including FDA market clearance and CE mark certifications for all its products.

Legal & Safety Notice

Midmark has been involved in multiple legal disputes, such as patent infringement cases and a class action lawsuit related to disability issues in medical facilities. However, it is important to note that none of these lawsuits pertain to their Cardiac Monitoring products.

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