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Applied Cardiac Systems, Inc (ACS) is a renowned leader in ambulatory cardiac monitoring in the United States, having established its presence since 1981. ACS is recognized for its comprehensive range of Holter Monitoring and Cardiac Event Monitoring products, tailored for the ambulatory cardiac monitoring market.

In terms of device technology, ACS has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality and dependable cardiac monitoring instruments, supported by a robust network of assistance. ACS now introduces a groundbreaking cardiac monitoring device, the Performer Plus™, capable of conducting three billable cardiac tests. This innovative device enables a 24-48 hours Holter Study, a 7-day continuous Holter study, as well as symptomatic cardiac event monitoring.

ACS Holter Monitors consist of the following options:

  • ACS CORE Clip Multi-Day Holter Monitor 
  • ACS takes pride in presenting the CORE Clip, the industry’s smallest Holter monitor. This compact device allows for 1-30 days of continuous ambulatory ECG monitoring.
  • ACS CORE¹² Multi-Function Holter, Event & MCT Monitor 
  • The CORE¹² represents a breakthrough in ambulatory cardiac monitoring, as it combines various forms of ECG monitoring capabilities. This includes Holter Monitoring, Resting 12 Lead EKG, Long Term Continuous ECG, Cardiac Event Monitoring, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT).
  • ACS Performer Plus™ Holter Monitor 
  • The Performer Plus™ by ACS is a highly versatile and compact device, designed to perform Holter monitoring, Long Term Holter monitoring, and Up to 30 Day Event Monitoring.
  • ACS 2010 Holter Monitor 
  • The 2010 Holter Monitor from Applied Cardiac Systems is a reliable and compact device that displays ECG on-screen and can record up to 7 days of continuous ECG.
  • ACS 2003 Holter Monitor 
  • The 2003 Holter Monitor, a well-established device in the Holter Monitoring industry, is renowned for its reliability and ability to record ECG data for 24-72 hours.

ACS Master 10 Holter Analysis Software

With a specialization in Holter Monitoring since its inception, ACS, founded by one of the original employees of Del Mar Avionics, Norman Holter, possesses a strong foundation in this field. Leveraging this rich history, ACS offers a robust Holter Analysis platform that enables efficient scanning of up to 7 days of continuous ECG information.

The latest Holter Analysis software from ACS, named Master 10, introduces new features such as enhanced arrhythmia classification and quantification capabilities, network integration capabilities, and the flexibility to receive and analyze long-term Cardiac Event Monitoring studies.

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